Friday, July 11, 2008

Trilogy of 4

Aaaand... back,

Now I realise I have been away for a while, but much of that was planning stages (with about 85% laziness).

I have always maintained I have many moods or "minds" as I call them. 8, in fact. I could never decide which one to go with when updating this blog, so I decided to give each its own. I couldn't quite bring myself to the major task of managing 8 blogs/sites though, so they've been boiled down to 3, with this one acting as a central hub of sorts. Lest I should start babbling further, I'll start to summarise their general themes or "moods" now:

DrDark's Lair [My Aim is Perfection]
- Will act as a hub, providing updates on progress of other blogs, and preview of new content.
- May contain more personal info about myself, or what I'm up to.
- Details of my prior and future programming concepts, whether they be apps or games.
- Anything else which I don't feel fits within the other blogs.

The Dark Eye [AKA Of Course I'm Always Right]
- Will contain most of my opinions on everything.
- Reviews: Games, Movies, Anime, TV, whatever.
- Lists: You know the drill - top ten this, top ten that.
- Features on overlooked/rare/underappreciated/overhyped games.

The Dark Mind [AKA The Random Internets]
- Will contain everything I find amusing on the internet, whatever the subject.
- Youtube videos of anything imaginable.
- Flash videos.
- Possible rants on anything that's annoying me...

The Dark Soul [ AKA Thou Art Game]
- Will be used to further the argument that games are Art.
- Images of game art or videos that are artistic in my opinion (includes game cutscenes).
- Rumours or features on the state of the gaming industry and where it's going.
- In-depth games features no specific genres, companies or characters etc.

Note: Each will be using a different website for hosting duties.

Okay, so that's the general idea. I will update (shortly this time, I promise) when they're all up and running, and shall provide the appropriate links.

Live Long and Prosper.

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