Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nintendo E3 2008 Predictions

My speculation on what Nintendo is about to unveal at E3 2008 is up on The Dark Soul.

Later than expected unfortunately, but still hopefully in time for some to read it.

Click here to view.


I Am Blogger said...

Starfox wouldn't be a surprise, the game can't be far off an announcement. The GC and DS games were pretty poor though.

Pikmin Wii getting a full unveiling is likely, as is the next Resident Evil Wii game.

I'm hoping for a new Luigi's Mansion game.

I wouldn't be surprised at a proper Paper Mario RPG or a first unveil of the proper Wii Zelda game.

I Am Blogger said...

This is Tingler by the way, not Plughead. He's not a console person.