Friday, September 02, 2011

#videogamepornos [SFW]

Yes, readers, I know the title seems somewhat dubious, but it was just some light-hearted fun...

Just over a year ago, on a wet and windy boring day on the Twitterverse, I was reminded of a "Top 5" list in a multi-platform gaming magazine called Arcade (which has since gone to the big pile of paper in the sky). This list feature was a comical take on "what if porn movies were made based on video game characters?".
I recalled a couple of the more amusing ones and decided to post them on Twitter, and added the hashtag #videogamepornos
I'm aware it's resurfaced twice since (and indeed may have been used before) but I assure you in this instance it was my idea!

As usual I've babbled for a bit longer than I'd intended before getting to the main point of the post (I'm not sure if the babbling actually interests anyone or not, given that only about 3 people regularly read this blog :P).

I've got 5 images captured from the Twitter timeline. Given the way posts are displayed (and my lack of knowledge at the time to arrange them differently), the chronological sequence would be to read each image bottom to top.

Have some LOLs.