Monday, June 27, 2011

The Final PC Zone Chat

PC Zone was my favourite magazine. It was somehow more "personal" than other mags; that is, I felt I personally knew everyone who wrote for it. Anyway, I tend to get carried away, so I'll leave my Zone story for another day. This blog post is mainly to dump the whole record of the final Zone Chat (conducted over the Steam client). I thought I'd save it for later and only just remembered to post it now (around a year later).
It isn't edited to protect the innocent or faint of heart. To some it will mean nothing. To others it'll seem like the ramblings of "those strange gamer types". 
Of course it is. But PC Zone belonged to these gamer types as much as it did the writers who featured on its pages. And though we may deny it now, many of us really were driven to tears back then...

Never tell your password to anyone.
Prezzer entered chat.
03 August 2010
16:58 - Furohman: From the top secret PCZ space station which has orbitted earth since the dawn of time?
16:58 - apophis_dd: haha
16:58 - Batsphinx: That, BrawnyFanta is a very good point
16:58 - Mad_Al: you can put a bid in on Ebay for Dave's chair, sadly Dave is still attached.
16:58 - seregrail7: *faints again*
16:58 - apophis_dd: wow drdarks here

16:58 - Liquid: i thought everyone was in some corporate hell of an open plan office?
16:58 - Prezzer: Evening all
16:58 - G_Man_007: PREZZER IN LEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:58 - Batsphinx: When CVG magazine died I magically gained a new Xbox
16:58 - drdark: Sssh,
16:58 - [PCZ]plughead: EULOGY magazine
16:58 - Ed Zed: Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber
16:58 - drdark: I'm at *looks over shoulder*
16:58 - [GSI]Leeroy: evenin prezzer!
16:58 - Batsphinx: AND three industrial sized tubs of coffee
16:58 - drdark: At work!
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Fnerk entered chat.
16:58 - Batsphinx: And a Dennis mug
||VM|| Wyvern left chat.
16:58 - Batsphinx: FOUR Dennis mugs
16:58 - shirtwearer: howdy
16:58 - JoWoo: DSZone
16:58 - [PCZ]plughead: I took the Dennis mug
16:58 - Jahogg |Iced|: it makes me sick
16:58 - BrawnyFanta: Dennis the menace?
16:58 - G_Man_007: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to day to get through this thing called lfe....
16:59 - JoWoo: It's like PCZone except for in every single way.
16:59 - Jahogg |Iced|: i know a guy in finland who gets ur mag from the airport 3 months late
16:59 - |VoiD| eVade: So what are the plans for all the staff then, starting a new magazine or... should we keep an eye out for you guys on the streets?
Darth_Careful entered chat.
16:59 - [GSI]Leeroy: I'm just going to say it now: I officially hate future
16:59 - apophis_dd: 3 months late? it must say the right month on it
16:59 - [PCZ]plughead: on the streets
16:59 - Prezzer: I think I'm here to celebrate another successful year of PC Zone. Here's to ten more years!
16:59 - Prezzer: (too soon?)
16:59 - G_Man_007: I've always hated Future
16:59 - drdark: Yay!.
16:59 - drdark: wait...
16:59 - G_Man_007: Dennis FTW
16:59 - Darth_Careful: Hello Ladies! Ding Dong!
16:59 - [PCZ]plughead: I've already got a Tesco's doorstep ready
16:59 - JoWoo: because housewives who just discovered brain training are more lucrative than gamers who have been reading the mag for 17 years.
Woodsmaster entered chat.
16:59 - Jahogg |Iced|: the PCzone flute band busking on the dust streets
misterbrilliant entered chat.
16:59 - Darth_Careful: Oops, sorry, wrong chat :z
16:59 - Furohman: Wthout PC Zone there will be nothing to make me laugh like an idiot on the train
16:59 - Fnerk: Bonjourno, lads
17:00 - Mad_Al: dave donpt forgetthe chalet...
17:00 - Batsphinx: Misterbrilliant!
17:00 - -[WS]- Halrick: i'll give you writers a good home. how do you feel about wardrobes?
17:00 - Batsphinx: Wowsers. This is some turn-out
17:00 - [PCZ]plughead: Furohman, just trip over people in suits and pretend they're Future executives
17:00 - G_Man_007: who's taking the group photo then?
17:00 - Woodsmaster: Can't believe this is the end :(
17:00 - lemmy101: :(
17:00 - misterbrilliant: allo!
17:00 - Woodsmaster: What game are we going into? Spose I ought to download it
17:00 - [GSI]Leeroy: it would be awful if noone had turned up for the last zonechat
17:00 - JoWoo: All good things must come to an end.
17:00 - Useful Dave: CSS I think
17:00 - Darth_Careful: It 's piss poor, that's what it is
17:00 - [PCZ]plughead: the Fight Club is tomorrow
17:00 - Woodsmaster: oh good
17:00 - Batsphinx: Yet, somehow fitting
17:00 - G_Man_007: Will, you never gushed over me like that :(
17:00 - JoWoo: Unlike Gamer, which is shit and therefore will go on forever
17:00 - [PCZ]plughead: as I can't be fucked to play tonight
17:00 - Batsphinx: What's the game Dave?
17:00 - JoWoo: like the beige turd in the toilet.
17:00 - [PCZ]plughead: Counter Strike Source
17:00 - Liquid: There's always PC Gamer... if it was any good
17:00 - Jahogg |Iced|: im making a CSS map based on Die hard, any ideas?
17:01 - Woodsmaster: if i start downloading now I might actually get it loaded in time
17:01 - JoWoo: that just won't fucking go away
17:01 - Furohman: Oh and I went and quit Shores of Hazeron (Which is incredible by the way)
17:01 - Batsphinx: We're going out on CSS?
17:01 - Glix: ahhh steam spam
17:01 - [GSI]Leeroy: PCG will never stand tall with PCZ
17:01 - Glix: xD
17:01 - Darth_Careful: Nothing can make me read gamer
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Walrus entered chat.
17:01 - Batsphinx: I suppose it's fitting
17:01 - Woodsmaster: fucking 3mbps connection at best
17:01 - Ed Zed: So who wants to hear some secrets about pc zone
17:01 - +[SP]+NightGaze: how many petitions would it take to get you guys back publishing zone ?  heh
17:01 - Prezzer: gosh, this is... faster than i remember
|FP|Sky entered chat.
17:01 - [PCZ]plughead: yeah, I think so
17:01 - Glix: yes
The AdmiraI entered chat.
17:01 - Glix: I want to know
17:01 - Ed Zed: secret 1: will porter shouted at me at least once a month for singing
17:01 - [GSI]Leeroy: spill ed!
17:01 - ro-jo-co: Let's turn this group into a campaign! If facebook can save the Whisper, Steam can save PC ZONE!
17:01 - -[WS]- Halrick: can't we do something radical like destroy the trucks carting PCG issues off to the shops?
17:01 - Glix: what is living under your desk!!!!
17:01 - [GSI]Leeroy: lol
17:01 - Woodsmaster: fuck that, singing's good
Sakey entered chat.
17:01 - Batsphinx: Ed's singing is not good
17:01 - Woodsmaster: ah
17:01 - Mad_Al: Ed secrets are great, spill dude.
17:01 - [GSI]Leeroy: depends on what he sings
17:01 - Batsphinx: And I was very stressed at the time
17:01 - Ed Zed: will porter i swear to god i will karaoke you to death
|HSF|Jake entered chat.
17:01 - [PCZ]plughead: Trucks don't cart Gamer around, browbeaten slaves do
17:01 - Prezzer: Ed's here?
Lord Asriel` entered chat.
[MKA]Flask entered chat.
17:01 - +[SP]+NightGaze: im off, cya babes. love you and miss you :'( xx
17:01 - apophis_dd: what did Ed sing?
+[SP]+NightGaze left chat.
17:01 - [PCZ]plughead: in turnip carts
17:02 - Batsphinx: He's the one called Ed Z
17:02 - Woodsmaster: why don't we continue PCZ in our own blog? fuck it, i'll gladly do my own neverquest
17:02 - drdark: ooh, Ed's here.
17:02 - Useful Dave: PCG Smells of turnips? Ick
17:02 - Ed Zed: secret 2: will porter looks like this while editing
foshjedi2004 entered chat.
17:02 - [GSI]Leeroy: logs carrying on the flames of PCZ  I hear lol
17:02 - Jahogg |Iced|: so who exactly is the man to blame for the closure of the mag, i think a mob of 37 angry gamers could ...... make him change his mind
17:02 - [GSI]Leeroy: making his own magazine
Julian Callan entered chat.
Ly entered chat.
Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4 entered chat.
17:02 - Julian Callan: :(
17:02 - foshjedi2004: So what happens to us who still have subscriptions?
17:02 - drdark: Should be working... hold on, I'll put a bug in and come back. Errrr... don't say anything while I'm gone...
17:02 - ^0earl^7of^0sandwich: Buy a new random mag every month instead - "Equestrian monthly" or "Amateur gardener" - everyone could learn new exciting skillz
17:02 - Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4: Dammit why
17:02 - Batsphinx: I like 'Dogs Monthly'
17:03 - Furohman: I'm going to take up knitting.
17:03 - Lord Asriel`: rofl
17:03 - [GSI]Leeroy: now subscribed to "Guns & Ammo"
17:03 - |VoiD| eVade: I guess its time to go burn my PCZ magazines, Star Wars style
17:03 - Liquid: someone find the culky tank and we'll storm Future
17:03 - seregrail7: I saw someones mum in dogs monthly
17:03 - Lord Asriel`: figures
17:03 - [PCZ]plughead: Marzipan Dildo?
17:03 - [PCZ]plughead: interesting...
17:03 - G_Man_007: lol at Spaced ref
17:03 - Julian Callan: Anyone get a stack of games from PCZ today?
17:03 - Useful Dave: Fireworks at dawn, Liquid?>
17:03 - Darth_Careful: "Pregnancy and Babies" for me
17:03 - Ed Zed: secret 3: steve hogarty gets very angry over trials 2
17:03 - JoWoo: for all your almondy fantasies.
17:03 - lemmy101: Such a shame... but PC Zone is all about the writers and they've not been euthanized happily. It will live on thru my twitter feed ;D
17:03 - Jahogg |Iced|: howz bout that^
17:03 - Furohman: Large link ahoy
17:03 - Batsphinx: " I saw someones mum in dogs monthly" I could totally be rude about that
17:03 - -[WS]- Halrick: i got some the other day, Julian ;)
17:03 - Jahogg |Iced|: sorry
17:03 - Ed Zed: secret 4: i spent too much time at work playing WoW
17:03 - seregrail7: Steve Hogarty gets angry at most games
17:03 - Batsphinx: Like that's a fucking secret
17:03 - Lord Asriel`: i had a sneaking suspision future plc were evil, buy every games magazine and all
17:04 - Batsphinx: Mr Ed 'ALT TAB' ZITRON
17:04 - Prezzer: actually lemmy - we're sad to announce that all Zone's twitter feeds are closing too :(
17:04 - [GSI]Leeroy: tingler should be here too
17:04 - Sakey: I came in here hoping to say something profound on the end of the mag. Can't come up with anything. Just so shocked :(
17:04 - [GSI]Leeroy: ah ffs
17:04 - Ed Zed: yet my production was good, will
|FP|Sky left chat.
17:04 - Prezzer: including anyone ever associated withb it
17:04 - apophis_dd: haha
[BMS Dev] Jenn0_Bing entered chat.
17:04 - Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4: I'll miss PC Zone
17:04 - Ed Zed: i am 'the machine'
17:04 - [GSI]Leeroy: prezzer why is the website going too :(
17:04 - Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4: D:
Lard entered chat.
17:04 - ^0earl^7of^0sandwich: They need to make space on the shelves for another 15 xbox mags
17:04 - [GSI]Leeroy: why cant it just be kept online
17:04 - Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4: This sucks on ice
17:04 - -[WS]- Halrick: woooooooah woah woah - you CAN'T close the tw@tter feeds!
17:04 - drdark: "We do not support Alt-Tab bugs" - CA, every TW game.
17:04 - Ly: still keeping the irc channel on qnet open?
17:04 - G_Man_007: i remember when Log sent me a party goodie bag for giving him a shit load of Pery saves, will have to take pics for the mag, if you like, I own THE Little Britain game that was reviewed
Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass entered chat.
17:04 - Darth_Careful: So it's like you never existed? This is a travesty.
17:04 - Furohman: Wait, all of Zone is going? What no... Anything?
17:04 - seregrail7: I remember you leveling to 70 in under 2 weeks, Ed
17:04 - Batsphinx: To be honest, PSW has been dead for a whole year - and the site and forums is still up on CVG
17:04 - seregrail7: I was in awe
17:04 - Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass: I HEART LOG
17:04 - Woodsmaster: would've helped if half the bloody retailers stocked zone... if future even sent them any
17:04 - Liquid: can i touch you gman? ... again?
17:04 - Prezzer: actually, PC gamimg is shutting down
17:04 - [PCZ]plughead: nobody ever emails us via Compuserver any more
17:04 - Fnerk: i knew Zone was doomed the minute i was accepted for work experience back in 2001 :(
17:05 - [GSI]Leeroy: log ftw
17:05 - [PCZ]plughead: Compuserve
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michaelkelleherthename entered chat.
17:05 - drdark: Um, anyone know what's going to happen to the forums yet?
17:05 - michaelkelleherthename: hiyas
17:05 - Batsphinx: Retailers decide what they stock and what they dont. If something isnt selling enough, they cut off the oxygen
17:05 - Ed Zed: One time we all drank kronenbergs at work and got a bit pissed and then log and will went to get a kitkat and there was a woman and they were giggling and SHE KNEW WE WERE PISSED
17:05 - lemmy101: You, Plug, Steve, Log, Ed, Will etc are being banned from twitter? :| YIKES Future really do clean up after themselves...
17:05 - [PCZ]plughead: not yet, drdark
17:05 - Julian Callan: I always dreamed of one day getting work experience in PCZ
17:05 - G_Man_007: awlasy liquid
17:05 - Julian Callan: :'(
17:05 - -[WS]- Halrick: i know the twitter feed is going a bit senile now but you can't just shoot in quietly in the woods!
17:05 - Useful Dave: Fnerk, that's a VERY drawn out death.
17:05 - G_Man_007: always
17:05 - shirtwearer: will the dearwandy forums stay up ?
17:05 - [PCZ]plughead: they'll be there for a while, at least
17:05 - Ed Zed: I would never be banned from twitter
17:05 - [GSI]Leeroy: roflcapcopter ed
17:05 - Furohman: From the sounds of it a grim man in a suit is going to come and erase it from the internet
wollop entered chat.
17:05 - [PCZ]plughead: and I can at last bring back a jiggling breasts avatar
17:05 - Prezzer: we're all being recalled into the clone vats
17:05 - Batsphinx: DearWandy is run separately
17:05 - Fnerk: That's how i kill things, Useful Dave,
17:05 - Mad_Al: fucking hell is this a chat room or some sort of sick experiment at how fast you can read
17:05 - shirtwearer: fair enough
17:05 - Woodsmaster: Wandy still needs somewhere to rant surely :P
17:05 - Darth_Careful: DW is Wandy's own sweet child, I believe
17:05 - Useful Dave: Both Al
17:06 - Batsphinx: That'll be there until Wandy wakes up one day feeling murderous
[MKA]Flask left chat.
=GIMP= Dick_Sum entered chat.
17:06 - Darth_Careful: that's veery day, surely?
17:06 - Jahogg |Iced|: hmmm i remember writing in about gmod and it was printed but mysteriously it appeard as steves pick or something, i must know now, that wasnt just a coincidence was it?
17:06 - foshjedi2004: This chat currently feels like 4chan on acid
17:06 - shirtwearer: lol
CK-iller entered chat.
17:06 - Lord Asriel`: dear god...
17:06 - Batsphinx: Mad Al - in the old IRQ days we used to have up to 150 people if i recall correctly
Disc10 entered chat.
17:06 - Glix: I don't see any /b/tards yet
17:06 - Mad_Al: its going so fast its lie a strobe light
17:06 - Furohman: Except with less mental illnesses
17:06 - Furohman: Well, different mental illnesses
17:06 - [GSI]Leeroy: wat
17:06 - Batsphinx: that was crazy to read
17:06 - Liquid: there is no beasiality or dead babies so this cant be 4chan
17:06 - Woodsmaster: will: all going "comp?" if i remember
17:06 - Prezzer: what is it normally like in here, a couple of old timers posting msgs once every five mins? or is it always liek this?
17:06 - Batsphinx: lol
17:07 - Batsphinx: yeah
17:07 - Useful Dave: There was almost beastiality earlier Liquid.
17:07 - Batsphinx: COMP?
17:07 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: Holy crap - 1st time joining in here... and now it's the bloody last.
17:07 - Batsphinx: Have I missed the Compo?
17:07 - seregrail7: when's the comp?
17:07 - Batsphinx: COMPZ?
17:07 - [GSI]Leeroy: prezzer its not usually as busy
17:07 - Julian Callan: Got a bag of games from PCZ today. Farming Simulator 2009, for that I thank you PCZ
17:07 - Ed Zed: I met Will when I was fat. I was working at CVG. He comes up to me, as I'm playing Zone of the Enders 2 and he says "you're work experience. I can tell because you clearly have no idea what you're doing."
17:07 - Furohman: What COMP?
17:07 - Ly: it's never usually quite so busy
17:07 - Woodsmaster: oh fuck, what have i started
17:07 - Furohman: And why is it in CAPS?
17:07 - Lord Asriel`: so main thing i wanted to ask is do u guy know what prjects yr going on to next?
17:07 - foshjedi2004: PC Gaming is not a mental illness... well quite yet
17:07 - Lord Asriel`: guys*
17:07 - Darth_Careful: bah, I wanted farming simulator
17:07 - Disc10: Well, I've walked in at an interesting time
ℳoonboy left chat.
17:07 - Glix: Steam Font too smalll *struggling to read*
17:07 - -[WS]- Halrick: ouch Julian :P
17:07 - Julian Callan: @Darth Careful :smug:
CK-iller left chat.
17:07 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: Well, we'll be sorry to no longer have a decent mag to read
17:07 - Julian Callan: I also got Transport Giant (Gold Edition!)
17:07 - [GSI]Leeroy: well, sad day. Future might think you're all shit, but you're all the dogs bollocks to me
17:07 - Woodsmaster: ive still got some of the games zone sent me about 3 years ago in a drawer
17:07 - Ly: guess a lot of peope have come to pay their respects so to speak
Excession entered chat.
17:08 - apophis_dd: earlier this year i got alan hansen's football quiz game from pczone, but inside the box was cheggers pub quiz game instead
17:08 - shirtwearer: aye will miss the zone
17:08 - Ed Zed: I once had to do an in-person tour of a FFXI expansion while drunk and full of stromboli. Let me tell you, this is the hardest day I ever had at work.
17:08 - drdark: Right *Hugs* be back in 5
17:08 - Woodsmaster: mainly because gamestation wouldve given me about 20p
17:08 - Mad_Al: I wonder if people may leave if prezzer offer more Microsoft points.
17:08 - Darth_Careful: I'm sure i can talk log into giving me Woodcutter simulator. Unless he's chopped it up in a frenzied rage
17:08 - [PCZ]plughead: I can't believe Adam Glick hasn't turned up
17:08 - -[WS]- Halrick: i got SW: Battlefront and haven't stopped playing it for about 4 hours
17:08 - Ed Zed: Adam's busy mate
17:08 - Furohman: Holzfaller Simulator for game of the year 2010.
17:08 - [PCZ]plughead: the pig-fucking bastard
17:08 - Ed Zed: He called me earlier
17:08 - G_Man_007: I really don't know what mag to read now, especially since Total PC Gaming went suddenly too
17:08 - [PCZ]plughead: oh right
17:08 - Batsphinx: Bloody Glick. Liability.
17:08 - [PCZ]plughead: I withdraw that
17:08 - Julian Callan: @Darth_Careful I got a few Dark Age of Camelot expansions as well, I don't even own that game
17:08 - JoWoo: I met Glick once
17:08 - Lord Asriel`: well at least i we still have Pc Gamer, a mag i can unashamedly wipe my ass with
17:08 - Woodsmaster: might as well just read on the web
17:08 - Prezzer: ed: you're forgetting about your official "interview" ahem
17:08 - Batsphinx: Eurogamer. Everyone should read Eurogamer.
17:08 - foshjedi2004: PCgaming is not dead while there are those of us who still game hard into the night
17:08 - JoWoo: when I was doing work experience.
17:08 - Darth_Careful: I'm giving up reading. it all seems pointless now.
17:08 - Ed Zed: Prezzer: what you talking about
17:08 - G_Man_007: lick a glick
17:08 - [PCZ]plughead: and Custom PC
17:08 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: may as well not bother with pc gamer
17:09 - JoWoo: He always faced away from me.
17:09 - [GSI]Leeroy: custom pc is cool
17:09 - Furohman: When I got Your Shout once... You guys gave me Hellgate London. This was last year. I will not forget this.
17:09 - Batsphinx: RPS is fun enough too
17:09 - [PCZ]plughead: and Total PC Gaming, if it still existed
17:09 - Mad_Al: Adam Glick is the love child of Richard Kiel I'm certain, I've seen th eproof
17:09 - JoWoo: even when he was talking to me.
17:09 - Prezzer: Ed: the lotion, tubing and pledging allegiance
17:09 - G_Man_007: then I'm bookmarking Eurogamer
17:09 - Sakey: Are you going to let Steve be the actual editor for the final issue insted of acting editor?
17:09 - G_Man_007: strange that I havent
17:09 - Ed Zed: Prezzer: Oh you mean "Deliverance Zone"
17:09 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: but none will have the one-liner image captions
17:09 - Ed Zed: Eurogamer is wicked
17:09 - Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass: blame it on ali, it got shit after she joined
17:09 - Lord Asriel`: might as well buy Pc Format but now i dont feel like buying any magazine owned by Future
17:09 - Prezzer:
17:09 - Ed Zed: you should all read that
17:09 - Darth_Careful: Can I be editor next, please?
17:09 - Liquid: so is steve hill going to keep posting neverquests to the Future building because no one told him the mag closed?
17:09 - [PCZ]plughead: Steve jumped ship, he gets NOTHING
17:09 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: the rip it to shreds Pants reviews
17:09 - Jahogg |Iced|: SQUEAL PIGGY
17:09 - Julian Callan: I had my picture printed when Steam Friends first came out... :'(
Walrus left chat.
17:09 - Ed Zed: Steve Hill wouldn't fart if he wasn't paid to do so
Phil left chat.
17:09 - shirtwearer: lol
17:10 - Lord Asriel`: if so please forward them to here pls XD
17:10 - Useful Dave: So. Steve Hill smells like broken collars and elderberries?
17:10 - Woodsmaster: get brooker to send in naked pics of konnie huq
17:10 - Prezzer: Hill's mantra was always "Nothing less than America or operating heavy machinery" as i recall
17:10 - BrawnyFanta: professional farter, now thats a job title!
17:10 - -[WS]- Halrick: will there be any trace of PCZ left anywhere online after the closure?
17:10 - Batsphinx: only in our hearts
17:10 - Lord Asriel`: only the google cache
17:10 - Ed Zed: @Prezzer yep.
17:10 - Julian Callan: lol
17:10 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: lol
17:10 - Sakey: :S
17:10 - Lord Asriel`: before Future wipe it
17:10 - G_Man_007: life's always throwing me new curveballs, got new girlfriend, and then mag dies :(
17:10 - Furohman: I Got Your Shout two months in a row... I regret using a pseudonym for some wild reason.
17:10 - Mad_Al: proffesional fart smeller would be a far worse job
17:10 - Ly: and maybe irc halrick
17:10 - Prezzer: (from Peachfuzz) "Cake rape and monkey circumcision"
17:10 - Useful Dave: I know G-Man
17:10 - Jahogg |Iced|: what time is fight club tommorow?
17:10 - Liquid: a gif of a Future exec stabbing a knife into a PCZone issue
17:10 - Woodsmaster: and some of us on DW
17:11 - Ed Zed: The best gift i got from PCZone was bringing cupcakes and giving everyone diabetes
17:11 - Useful Dave: Aunt/Cousins were coming up to visit
17:11 - Julian Callan: OK everyone : Best issue of PCZONE?
17:11 - Useful Dave: They stayed half an hour and went back
17:11 - Ed Zed: Or that time that I made Richard honk so hard that the stratosphere cracked
17:11 - michaelkelleherthename: all good
17:11 - Ed Zed: HHHHHOONKKK!!!!
Qworn entered chat.
17:11 - apophis_dd: the best issues of PCZ are the ones i won stuff
17:11 - G_Man_007: seen A Team today, maybe they could help
17:11 - G_Man_007: if you can find them
17:11 - [PCZ]plughead: honk?
17:11 - Ly: i always liked that "Daikatana: Best game ever?" frontpage
17:11 - Ed Zed: HONK!!!!
17:11 - Useful Dave: 114, the Dungeon Siege review issue if I remember correctly
17:11 - Useful Dave: Either that or the HL2 Review
17:11 - Darth_Careful: 68 was a good one
17:11 - Julian Callan: lol The Half Life 2 review issue gets it for me
17:11 - Ly: open the mag... "NO"
17:11 - Woodsmaster: hl2 reveal, or "porter's a good boy really", those two were good
17:11 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: well adios amigos - gotta go. enjoy reminiscing!
17:11 - G_Man_007: best 'Zone was when I was in it more than twice
17:11 - Lord Asriel`: god knows that one: well i do, its the one where charie brook said fk all to TMR and drawed a monkey killling zoo
17:11 - Ed Zed: The best Zone was when I got my bum out in it
17:11 - G_Man_007: that was a collectors item
17:11 - Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass: zitron you a re a twat lol
17:12 - [GSI]Leeroy: best zone, gah
17:12 - Ed Zed: I am one of two men to have their arsecheeks in that magazine
17:12 - =GIMP= Dick_Sum: (GTA III review issue, or HL2 reveal.)
17:12 - [GSI]Leeroy: they were all tops
17:12 - Useful Dave: Just trying to remember which reality test ended in a broken bone
17:12 - misterbrilliant: i liked the one with ed's bum too
17:12 - Glix: Quake 2 issue, all brown and muddy
=GIMP= Dick_Sum left chat.
17:12 - Useful Dave: Issue 117 for GTA III review, was it?
17:12 - shirtwearer: i used to love brookers and domonic diamonds articles
17:12 - Lord Asriel`: think i saw it on beay for
17:12 - Julian Callan: The "april fool prank" with Dave Wood's defamation lawsuit was genius
17:12 - Batsphinx: Every day, for us, starred Ed's bum.
17:12 - G_Man_007: going to treasure my 'Zone stash
17:12 - foshjedi2004: Best zone was when they released a couple of EAW mods I made on the disk :)
17:12 - [PCZ]plughead: quick, someone liked Diamond's work! get the net!
17:12 - apophis_dd: nah dominic diamond is a bit of a dickhead
17:12 - misterbrilliant: i don't work for pc zone any more, by the way, i quit and then they closed it, as if i was HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER, OR SOMETHING
17:12 - Ed Zed: Dominic "Costly" Diamond
17:12 - apophis_dd: he never talked about games at all
17:12 - Julian Callan: I liked his comments
17:12 - shirtwearer: he was cool before his breakdown
17:12 - Lord Asriel`: like the prn stash acrossfrm it
17:12 - Ed Zed: Oh fuck hogarty is here
17:12 - Julian Callan: But he was no Hill
17:12 - G_Man_007: i remember Culkus and the Greek embassy with findness
wollop left chat.
17:13 - Useful Dave: Also, PCZ going to Playboy due to the game they made
17:13 - Batsphinx: Most fun I ever had was the Priest protest in Second Life
17:13 - Julian Callan: Oh yeah
17:13 - Woodsmaster: that video of sefton losing at PES was pretty good
[BMS Dev] Jenn0_Bing left chat.
17:13 - Ed Zed: "Easy Now"
17:13 - Mad_Al: Dominic Diamond was only in a few months it was just a con to blag a new PC.
Pistol Star entered chat.
17:13 - -[WS]- Halrick: i found Future's offices on google street view - I SHALL SEEK VENGEANCE!
17:13 - Darth_Careful: I was jealous for a month after that Playboy feature
17:13 - Lord Asriel`: lies.. mr brilliant.. lies XD
17:13 - Ly: so i guess now someone could say for definite... whats the worst game pcz ever reviewed?
17:13 - Julian Callan: Oh god the E3 writeups were always hilarious
17:13 - [GSI]Leeroy: where is culky these days
17:13 - Useful Dave: Prawn
17:13 - misterbrilliant: oh man, the second life protest
17:13 - Ed Zed: The worst game PCZ ever reviewed was probably Roma Victor
17:13 - Useful Dave: Who ate the Prawn?
17:13 - Ed Zed: or Deal or No Deal
17:13 - Liquid: BiA
17:13 - Batsphinx: Apparently he works in a grocers in Malmesbury or something
17:13 - misterbrilliant: the one that technically broket he law
17:13 - Ly: ... and the best obviously, not to focus on the negative.. :D
17:13 - Julian Callan: Surely Virtually Jenna!
17:13 - Useful Dave: Not Euroweek Globocop?
17:13 - Woodsmaster: down with this sort of thing
17:14 - apophis_dd: or "The Sims"
17:14 - [GSI]Leeroy: lol batsphinx rofl
17:14 - Prezzer: Ly: there's a good (bad) one in the last issue but don't know if i can say more than that
17:14 - Furohman: Worst game ever: Company of Heroes
17:14 - G_Man_007: BIA FTL
17:14 - Julian Callan: :|
17:14 - Glix: oh noes
17:14 - Batsphinx: Euroweek and a Big Brother game are both bottom of the review spreadsheet iirc
17:14 - Lord Asriel`: yes i agree about the e3 articles they were G8
17:14 - JoWoo: I liked the Sims 3 H & M stuff review.
17:14 - foshjedi2004: Worst Game Ever : World of Warcrack ;)
17:14 - Ly: haha i'll be checking that out then
17:14 - JoWoo: or sims 2 even
Echo left chat.
17:14 - Darth_Careful: Not Little Britain?
17:14 - Woodsmaster: i fucking bought that Deal or no Deal game a week before the review for a fiver
17:14 - Ed Zed: i wish zone would have let me review darkfall
17:14 - Ed Zed: :(
17:14 - Furohman: Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 did it better :|
17:14 - Woodsmaster: instantly regretted it
17:14 - Julian Callan: H & M stuff review is the funniest thing ever written
17:14 - Pistol Star: I remember Euroweek...americans police the was suggested as a drinks coaster
17:14 - Mad_Al: ooo Virtual Jenna one of my fave 3D games.
17:14 - Julian Callan: @Mad_Al it is pure art
Qworn left chat.
17:15 - Useful Dave: I still have the two demo disks from when I subsribed
17:15 - apophis_dd: what was the name of that game Ed reviewed and got in a ton of trouble for?
17:15 - [PCZ]plughead: well, Prezzer launched a late bid for the worst game with Towing Simulator
17:15 - Jahogg |Iced|: Whos the black private dick whos a sex machine to all the chicks? SHAFT yer dam right!
17:15 - apophis_dd: i dont think it was for PCZ though
17:15 - Darth_Careful: @mad_al? optimised for your 3d screen, eh?
17:15 - Liquid: ironicly with all the work shes had done she really is virtual jenna now
17:15 - Useful Dave: My first Subscriber Issue was the HL2 Reveal
17:15 - Ed Zed: i liked the review that steve hogarty did of the EA expansion where he litereally listed everything in the expansion with no actual commentary
Mark entered chat.
17:15 - shirtwearer: off topic: the planes is just cause 2 handle like shit
17:15 - Julian Callan: Oh yeah the Ikea stuff pack
Ant entered chat.
17:15 - Ed Zed: and darkfall was the game, apophis
17:15 - -[WS]- Halrick: i was given Deal or No Deal for the DS as a present. needless to say i didn't speak to the person for quite some time
17:15 - apophis_dd: oh oh
17:15 - apophis_dd: yeah
17:15 - Batsphinx: And that was because EA were on our arse
17:15 - [PCZ]plughead: worst game I reviewed was Grey's Anatomy
17:15 - Ed Zed: yep
17:15 - Ed Zed: that was brilliant
17:15 - michaelkelleherthename: ha
17:15 - Jahogg |Iced|: im just going to but in with random comments which every1 ignores
17:15 - Julian Callan: "28% of this games content is in this screenshot" lol
17:15 - Woodsmaster: what happened ed?
17:15 - drdark: @Plugs: My wife loves the series...
17:15 - Furohman: High Five Jahogg!
marzy entered chat.
17:15 - Batsphinx: The head of the Sims brand went mental as he'd seen our reviews on metacritic
17:15 - [GSI]Leeroy: lollll
17:15 - apophis_dd: how much time did you REALLY spend playing it though?
17:15 - Ed Zed: what was even better was steve tried to slip in an insult and will edited it out
17:15 - G_Man_007: wonder if Ram Raider will have anything to say about all this
17:15 - Ed Zed: 15 hours+ apophis
17:16 - Ed Zed: and let me tell you
MДjΣکŦic left chat.
17:16 - Ed Zed: it was some of the worst gaming of my life
17:16 - [GSI]Leeroy: sims is shite
17:16 - Batsphinx: So Steve did a review that was simply a list of its contents, for the Ikea pack
17:16 - apophis_dd: haha
17:16 - marzy: Hi everyone
17:16 - marzy: sob
17:16 - Lord Asriel`: and the awful thing that was actually true
17:16 - Batsphinx: So they couldn't complain one iota
17:16 - apophis_dd: was 15 hours a generous contribution?
17:16 - Ed Zed: Apophis by the end of that time i wanted to die
17:16 - apophis_dd: never to be gotten back
17:16 - Ed Zed: literally wanted to die
17:16 - Julian Callan: Steve's Sims reviews were always great
17:16 - G_Man_007: hey, I remember the HL2 reveal, was a true great one that one
17:16 - Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass: BEST review of the SIMS was steve's on for on of the explansions about aa story of the guy who made it, PLEASE put it in the last isuse
17:16 - Prezzer: oh god, just remember the Miami Vice game from a few years back - that was terrible
17:16 - Ed Zed: i considered drinking
17:16 - [PCZ]plughead: @drdark  yeah, but the game just involves cutting hair and clicking and holding to simulate an injection
17:16 - Brinkman: ythat witch suzie loved the sims, then the mag freefalled
17:16 - apophis_dd: hmm, sounds like i should try that shit out
Merlin 888 entered chat.
17:16 - Darth_Careful: @ed have they removed the fatwa on you yet?
17:16 - apophis_dd: oh yeah i wonder where suzy is
17:17 - Lord Asriel`: god i rly love steam overlay
17:17 - Mad_Al: there was a thing in PCgamer were a guy moaned he had to review 3 games in a day, is that possible?
17:17 - Liquid: swimming in money
17:17 - Ed Zed: @darth_careful no
17:17 - Brinkman: back @ the sink hopefully
17:17 - [PCZ]plughead: Prezzer ----- so Towing Simulator was pretty good then?
17:17 - Julian Callan: Seconding that request for the Sims 2 H&M stuff review in final issue
17:17 - G_Man_007: boozey suzy
17:17 - Jahogg |Iced|: You'll love

    * FREDRIK workstation lol
17:17 - drdark: Oh I'm certain the game is shit :P. Although that has reminded me to get Trauma Team for the Wii at some point.
17:17 - Ed Zed: Also: BTW: You guys should watch this youtube about me/darkfall - - if you have not
17:17 - Useful Dave: Freespace 2 D:
[TheState]Lt. Armstrong entered chat.
17:17 - [GSI]Leeroy: great review steve
17:17 - Batsphinx: Suzy is the producer on Need For Speed: Shift
17:17 - Batsphinx: well, was
17:17 - Julian Callan: Just gonan throw this out there : STEVE HILL NEVERQUEST DILDO
17:17 - drdark: Argh, hold on, I've been ignoring Twitter... Which to follow!
17:17 - apophis_dd: oh really?
17:17 - Darth_Careful: suzy wnet to design racing games, no?
17:17 - Batsphinx: still at the company though
17:17 - drdark: How is suze?
17:17 - Useful Dave: Also, where's that Black/Red cardboard Sathanas?
17:17 - Lord Asriel`: one second..... was that a real game (the ikea thing)
17:17 - apophis_dd: she must be rich
17:17 - Sakey: was shift any good?
17:17 - apophis_dd: arent you guys rich yet?
17:17 - Ed Zed: need for speed fish
17:17 - Brinkman: pink cars and furry dice, no douby
17:17 - Prezzer: Plughead: of all the Tow truck simulations out there, it's definitely in the top three
17:17 - [GSI]Leeroy: ahah the ed haters
17:17 - G_Man_007: hah, i remember the hoohah about that game ED
17:18 - [GSI]Leeroy: they really didn't like you, did they Ed
17:18 - Lord Asriel`: hahahahaha... journalist rich.. aahaa
17:18 - Ed Zed: i am the terror of uson and i am an elite hardcore gamer
17:18 - Woodsmaster: i went into pc world earlier (dont ask me why), fuck all pc gaming there
[TheState]Lt. Armstrong left chat.
17:18 - Liquid: and yet the game is still shite
17:18 - drdark: Shift came out sandwiched between several other racers. none of them sold well. In fact, I don't think Blur or split-second sold that well either.
17:18 - Woodsmaster: except a 3 screen setup of NFS Shift
The AdmiraI left chat.
BrawnyFanta disconnected.
17:18 - Woodsmaster: is blur any good?
17:18 - [GSI]Leeroy: the most wanted player on Darkfall lol
17:18 - Julian Callan: I prefer Oasisi
17:18 - seregrail7: all these memories are making me sad now :(
17:18 - Ant: what did they call that feature again which was like a transcription of a pub conversation about a certain gaming topic? memory fails me
17:18 - seregrail7: but don't stop
17:18 - JoWoo: 90% classic Glick gave it.
17:18 - Woodsmaster: quite tempted to get a new game, since ive pretty much finished grid now
17:18 - Ed Zed: pubcast? supertrest?
17:18 - Julian Callan: Supertest
17:18 - Woodsmaster: supertest
17:18 - misterbrilliant: supertest
17:18 - Ed Zed: ahha supertrest
17:18 - Lord Asriel`: theres more console gameing in pc world lol
17:18 - Batsphinx: Shift did a lot better than both of them tbh
17:18 - G_Man_007: this a wake after all
17:18 - Darth_Careful: I enjoyed the booze test
17:18 - Ant: pubcast, aye
17:18 - Ed Zed: SuperTryst
17:18 - [GSI]Leeroy: blurs good
17:18 - misterbrilliant: say it ten times and it'll happen
17:18 - [PCZ]plughead: Split Second was only available on Direct2Drive for 40 quid
17:18 - Ly: anyone notice the similarity between the logo of Blur (game) and Blur (band)?
17:18 - Woodsmaster: asriel: there wasnt even that much
Merlin 888 left chat.
17:19 - Sakey: Starcraft 2 proves that PC gaming is not dead imo
17:19 - Ed Zed: anyone ever notice the similarity between my  bum and your face
17:19 - Julian Callan: meh
17:19 - Jahogg |Iced|: smells like kfc
17:19 - Furohman: Wait, why did they hate Eurogamer so much?
17:19 - Woodsmaster: about 10 360 games at most
17:19 - ^0earl^7of^0sandwich: You'll be able to look up the review on the PC Gamer site ;)
17:19 - Brinkman: did she have anything to do with mirrors edge too?
MeLoveYouLongTime entered chat.
17:19 - [GSI]Leeroy: sc2 is great!
17:19 - Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4: Whats so good about Starcraft 2?
17:19 - [GSI]Leeroy: ED ZEETRON
17:19 - Batsphinx: That was Rhianna
17:19 - Lord Asriel`: oh dear :(
17:19 - Woodsmaster: fucking over priced though, is sc2
17:19 - Sakey: just Activision are gready twats with the price
17:19 - Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4: Looks pretty shit
17:19 - Furohman: Generic RTSes are boooring.
17:19 - apophis_dd: i never fancied starcraft
17:19 - Prezzer: SmashingTests
17:19 - shirtwearer: steam proves pc gaming is not dead
17:19 - apophis_dd: im waiting for diablo3
17:19 - foshjedi2004: I wanted an End of Nations Feature in PCZone :(
17:19 - Useful Dave: Agreed Woods
17:19 - apophis_dd: any one lse?
17:19 - Jahogg |Iced|: anyone else want to troll the starshipm troopers gmod roleplay?
17:19 - Liquid: i hope everyone is going to dress up in silly outfits for the last issue
17:19 - Julian Callan: Also it's sad to see PCZone will never review Half Life 2 Episode 3
17:19 - Useful Dave: I considered getting it, but £35 for a game where the MP will just stomp on me?
17:19 - Prezzer: aaargh, can't keep up
17:19 - Darth_Careful: I'm dressed up in a silly outfit just for this chat
17:19 - Ed Zed: Prezzer you are getting old
17:19 - Useful Dave: DAMNIT JULIAN
17:19 - Sakey: @Julian Callan that's because HL2 Ep3 will never happen
17:19 - Liquid: older
Prezzer left chat.
17:20 - Ant: diablo 3 looks like a warcraft 3 mod from the pics, I hope it plays better than that
17:20 - Lord Asriel`: it also proves valve has a sense of humor deeply hidden somewhere
17:20 - Ed Zed: you play an MMO you should be able to follow this amount of spam
17:20 - Julian Callan: Or will any magazien at this rate
17:20 - Brinkman: yI hope for once theres no damn pics of the writers in the mag
17:20 - Useful Dave: Why'd you have to remind us all?!
17:20 - MeLoveYouLongTime: Does anyone know what's going to happen to our subscriptions?
17:20 - Woodsmaster: i doubt anyone will ever review hl2:3
[5punk]Anery entered chat.
17:20 - Jahogg |Iced|: wibbles wobble but they dont fall down ?
17:20 - Batsphinx: I'm listening to The End by The Doors. It helps.
17:20 - Furohman: Don't worry Dave, you can buy it again another 2 times!
17:20 - Julian Callan: @Useful Dave Sorry :(
17:20 - G_Man_007: TYPE SLOWER
17:20 - Darth_Careful: SC2 is overpriced, but fun, even in SP
17:20 - [GSI]Leeroy: we need to launch the roflcopter and boycott these piece of shit (future)
17:20 - Ed Zed: i'm listening to the spanish flea
17:20 - MeLoveYouLongTime: Future can suck my dong if they are sending PCGamer
17:20 - Brinkman: like theres hundreds each issue
17:20 - Woodsmaster: i think that's their plan
17:20 - Jahogg |Iced|: theres a snake in my boot
17:20 - Woodsmaster: gamer or refund
17:20 - Useful Dave: Refund
17:20 - Sakey: refund please
17:20 - MeLoveYouLongTime: refund it is
17:20 - [GSI]Leeroy: refund
17:20 - Sakey: if I wanted PC Gamer, I would have bought it
Mutant ANDY entered chat.
17:20 - Darth_Careful: refund, obv
Prezzer entered chat.
17:20 - Mad_Al: phew just had some sort of seizure from the stroboscopic effect of the text speed
17:20 - Sakey: I however wanted my sanity
17:20 - Batsphinx: Can everyone rip up the first copy of PCG they're sent, if that happens, and then send it to the editor?
17:20 - Prezzer: ah, what happened?
17:20 - Liquid: RTS multiplayer is what i assume hell is like, except the people are slightly nastier
17:20 - Ed Zed: Future asked me for a refund of my salary
17:20 - ^0earl^7of^0sandwich: I'm having to work while reading this and trying to not type balls into my code
17:20 - Ly: death is preferable to gamer
17:20 - Woodsmaster: i bought one copy of gamer years ago and just thought it was full of pretentiousness
17:20 - Ed Zed: :(
17:20 - Batsphinx: Only that would be funny
17:21 - |VoiD| eVade: Theres music in that link? I just see titties D:
17:21 - G_Man_007: REFUIND FTW!!!!!!!!
17:21 - Mutant ANDY: Sniff im gonna mis PC ZONE
17:21 - foshjedi2004: Aren't we all Mutant ANDY
17:21 - Ed Zed: i am going to miss Adam Glick a premiere writer for the magazine
17:21 - Brinkman: theres more to read in gamer, I can have 2 poos with the gamer, only 1 with zone
17:21 - Mutant ANDY: Sniff,sob,..... Whimper
17:21 - Useful Dave: I've still got that 10th Anniversary issue and disk
17:21 - Darth_Careful: @woodmaster  nail hit on the head there
17:21 - Julian Callan: You guys sent me a copy of SpiderMan 3 as a prize but it doesn't work :(
17:21 - Ed Zed: let's be fair though
17:21 - Useful Dave: There won't be a 20th :(
17:21 - Ed Zed: gamer isn't bad
17:21 - Pistol Star: lol Brinkman
17:21 - seregrail7: Want to buy gold? We sell gold at very reasonable rates, only £10 for 6000 Pieces of Eight, or £18 for 12000 Pieces of Eight. www . monkeyisland gold . com
17:21 - Liquid: gamer has no soul though
17:21 - seregrail7: Want to buy gold? We sell gold at very reasonable rates, only £10 for 6000 Pieces of Eight, or £18 for 12000 Pieces of Eight. www . monkeyisland gold . com
17:21 - -[WS]- Halrick: @ed duck and run!
17:21 - seregrail7: Want to buy gold? We sell gold at very reasonable rates, only £10 for 6000 Pieces of Eight, or £18 for 12000 Pieces of Eight. www . monkeyisland gold . com
17:21 - seregrail7: Want to buy gold? We sell gold at very reasonable rates, only £10 for 6000 Pieces of Eight, or £18 for 12000 Pieces of Eight. www . monkeyisland gold . com
17:21 - seregrail7: Want to buy gold? We sell gold at very reasonable rates, only £10 for 6000 Pieces of Eight, or £18 for 12000 Pieces of Eight. www . monkeyisland gold . com
17:21 - Furohman: Julian, they sent me Hellgate London long after the servers shut down
17:21 - Lord Asriel`: its a fair magazine.. but it just doesnt have any soul
17:21 - [5punk]Anery: to be fair you can still get your fix of log on PCG but its not the same
17:21 - Jahogg |Iced|: so we get gamer instead of refund?
17:21 - Ed Zed: hey look seregrail sucks
17:21 - Julian Callan: LOL
17:21 - Mutant ANDY: what the fuck man all we have now is PC gamer
17:21 - [GSI]Leeroy: oh great lol
17:21 - Mutant ANDY: it kinda sucks
17:21 - Brinkman: gamer is good, pcz lost its way about 2 years ago
seregrail7 was kicked by Ed Zed.
17:22 - Prezzer: PC Gamer or, you know, the internet and its billions of gaming sites
17:22 - Ed Zed: Honk
17:22 - Darth_Careful: @ed it's pretentious prittle-prattle
17:22 - MeLoveYouLongTime: they need a new approach, even PCGamer sales are done
Gorlack entered chat.
17:22 - |VoiD| eVade: Pwned!
17:22 - Jahogg |Iced|: gamer and pczone even had the same artivles
17:22 - [GSI]Leeroy: pcz didnt lose its way
17:22 - Lord Asriel`: hahaa, its that just halirous
17:22 - [PCZ]plughead: cheers Brinkman
17:22 - Woodsmaster: what's with loads of PCZ writers in OXM by the way?
17:22 - MeLoveYouLongTime: done for*
17:22 - Jahogg |Iced|: i saw 2 identical articles in both zone and gamer
17:22 - G_Man_007: I used to buy both, but it's true, gamer is generic, no soul, pretensious
17:22 - Woodsmaster: was quite surprised at that
17:22 - Ed Zed: Woodsmaster: same office
17:22 - [GSI]Leeroy: pcg became the US stalwart :(
17:22 - Liquid: £££$$$£££
17:22 - Mutant ANDY: Good Bye to PCZ ann all its Editors and journalits
17:22 - Woodsmaster: fair point
17:22 - Batsphinx: Hardware was shared though, yes
17:22 - Lord Asriel`: oxm?
17:22 - Batsphinx: in latter years
17:22 - Mutant ANDY: GOOD BYE
17:22 - Ed Zed: official sexbox magazine
17:22 - Prezzer: Bye Andy
17:22 - Disc10: Hmmm, Getting copies of PCGamer might not be so bad... I could use it to make a pape mache effigy of Future, and burn it
17:22 - Jahogg |Iced|: something bout TF2
17:22 - Lord Asriel`: rofl
17:22 - Batsphinx: sadly that started under my reign I think
Excession left chat.
17:22 - shirtwearer: I mostly just use rock, paper, shotgun for my pc gaming news now
17:22 - Julian Callan: I think we can all agree that the American version of PCGamer is the worst thing ever amde
Mutant ANDY left chat.
17:22 - Julian Callan: *made
17:22 - shirtwearer: agreed
17:23 - Ed Zed: PC gamer is not a bad magazine animosity or not
17:23 - [GSI]Leeroy: donate all PCG issues to Culky
17:23 - Lord Asriel`: xbox.. xbox
17:23 - Furohman: So will PCZ not being being continued in some minor internet form at all at all?
17:23 - Disc10: then dump on the remains.
17:23 - shirtwearer: USA is console country though
17:23 - Sakey: I'm sure you will get loads of praise and shit, but thank you guys for the years of work that made that mag. It was by far the best PC mag.
BrawnyFanta entered chat.
seregrail7 entered chat.
17:23 - Useful Dave: Culky needs paper mache armour for his tank?
17:23 - Ed Zed: PCZ will now exist purely from my twitter account @edzitron
17:23 - Brinkman: any of you guys moving to PCG then?
17:23 - Lord Asriel`: oh dear, u mean the evil hatechild of the pc
17:23 - Julian Callan: That's where valve live though
17:23 - drdark: I haven't "tried" PC Gamer in years...
17:23 - JoWoo: I just finished Gears of War 2 on the box of x's, was the most painful experience of my life. HOW did it  ever become the norm to play FPS' on a CONSOLE?!
17:23 - Julian Callan: Gears of War...FPS?
17:23 - Woodsmaster: fps on console sucks
17:23 - G_Man_007: gamer might be alright, but it's nothing comparedto 'Zone
17:23 - Useful Dave: GoW 2 is a Third Person Shooter
17:23 - Ant: I moved to the US a year ago but couldnt stand US PC Gamer. Kept up my subscription to Zone, despite every issue taking 3 weeks longer to arrive. Was so worth it
17:23 - apophis_dd: no Ed, PCZ will exist only here on Steam in this group
17:23 - Sakey: @Jpwoo, it didn't
17:23 - JoWoo: sorry, TPS.
17:23 - JoWoo: or whatever.
17:23 - Woodsmaster: having said that, so do racers - grid i just get shoved off the track every race
17:23 - Ed Zed: PCZ exists in my bum
17:23 - ^0earl^7of^0sandwich: Gotta go. Best of luck to all the PCZone guys and thanks for some great years!
17:23 - foshjedi2004: Nice Ed
17:23 - [GSI]Leeroy: hey the steam group will be kept though?>
^0earl^7of^0sandwich left chat.
17:24 - apophis_dd: youre a bum
17:24 - Julian Callan: Cheeky Ed
17:24 - Ed Zed: your mother is a bum
17:24 - Prezzer: cheers earl
17:24 - Ed Zed: <3
17:24 - Mark: At least PCG got published I can't remember the last time I saw PCZ
17:24 - [PCZ]plughead: it will be, Leeroy
17:24 - Liquid: gamer was always staying at home and finishing its homework like a good little boy wil PCZ when out and got wasted at the playboy mansion
17:24 - Mad_Al: Man walks into a pub with a copy of PC Gamer on his head, barman sya's is this some sort of joke.
17:24 - Disc10: Maybe we can keep zone alive by sacrificing virgins
17:24 - G_Man_007: nice to think we can still come here to remember...
17:24 - Furohman: I know right... Clunky aiming and shit...
I played MW2 on an Xbox with people watching, having played for 10 minutes on PC I won every round by far. So. Damned. Easy.
17:24 - [GSI]Leeroy: great,
17:24 - Jahogg |Iced|: cant we continue the fight clubs ina community lead way every month?
17:24 - [GSI]Leeroy: at least it's not all doom and gloom
17:24 - Ed Zed: i am actually maybe going to the playboy mansion at the end of august
17:24 - Disc10: or not, whatevr
17:24 - Ed Zed: i will be sure to scream 'pc zone' at heff
17:24 - Julian Callan: Gospeed Ed
17:24 - Prezzer: Ed, you have to take a piss int he gardens to continue the tradition
17:24 - Julian Callan: Rob the wanking monkey
17:24 - Batsphinx: You PRing another game Ed?
17:24 - Disc10: wooo
17:24 - Ed Zed: goose speed my black emperor
17:24 - Liquid: ill let their security team know ed
17:24 - Lord Asriel`: yes i admit that was a very big problem and the reason i havent bought one issue in the last 12 months was lack of availablity
17:24 - Batsphinx: A playboy one?
17:24 - Julian Callan: Goose speed lol
17:24 - Glix: @Jahogg, and the server comes from?...
17:24 - Ed Zed: @batsphinx nothing to do with PRing games actually
17:25 - [GSI]Leeroy: same here ashiel
17:25 - [GSI]Leeroy: was hard to find
17:25 - Mad_Al: @ Ed you do that pal, he may buy it and have naked ladies reviewing games along side Dave and...well Dave.
17:25 - Batsphinx: Just to do with you being a hunky lump of spunk?
17:25 - |VoiD| eVade: I don't know how many times I loitered round searching for PCZONE magazines, its been hell trying to get a copy the past few years, I would have subscribed but my income has been pretty poor, the bills come first :(
17:25 - Julian Callan: I havn't been able to get Zone in my local in years, had to go into Dublin
17:25 - Lord Asriel`: the only was it seemed pssible to get it is with a sub and sry but im not gna buy 12 not knowing how many of them would be good
17:25 - Woodsmaster: found it once in southampton and once in cornwall but never in croydon
17:25 - Sakey: That's strange.
17:25 - |VoiD| eVade: Its like a sign or something, as soon as I get a decent income, this happens >.>
17:25 - Furohman: it's everywhere in Scotland
17:25 - Lord Asriel`: it was slowly dying for abotu 4 years
17:25 - Liquid: airports across the nation always have copies of PCZ, some even within 4 months of when it came out
17:25 - Julian Callan: Found a copy in my local barbers once :3
17:25 - Useful Dave: 'tis still here in Stockport
17:25 - Sakey: Was never hard to find a copy up in Scotland
17:25 - Furohman: Every little newsgent has it in Scotland.
17:26 - [GSI]Leeroy: yeah good newsagents stock it
17:26 - Sakey: lol Furohman
17:26 - apophis_dd: id have to disagree with you two
17:26 - Julian Callan: V. hard to get in ireland
17:26 - drdark: Message from peachFUZZ: "Cake rape and monkey circumcision"
17:26 - Batsphinx: Depends on which distribution network each place is on
Marzipan Dildo a.k.a Hellborg 4 left chat.
17:26 - apophis_dd: its still tricky to find up here
17:26 - Jahogg |Iced|: @ Glix my arsehole.... i keep a massive stick of RAM in there not too mention to heft crossiferd graphics cards and i even have a in built cooling system which utilises my wee wee
17:26 - shirtwearer: whsmiths is what i always used for my copy
17:26 - [PCZ]plughead: 5 minutes of Zone Chat left!
17:26 - [PCZ]plughead: then we die
17:26 - drdark: Okay...
17:26 - Julian Callan: WHAT!
17:26 - Sakey: :(
17:26 - Darth_Careful: maybe you should have given away more USB lights?
17:26 - -[WS]- Halrick: awww
17:26 - [GSI]Leeroy: whut
17:26 - |VoiD| eVade: NNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
17:26 - Lord Asriel`: apparetly gamers fly alot rofl
17:26 - Useful Dave: No reincarnation?
Prezzer left chat.
17:26 - Furohman: A Newsgent is a well-to-do man with a large curled mustashe who goes door to door delivering magazines
Gorlack left chat.
17:26 - seregrail7: no comp???
17:26 - Mad_Al: I heard it was difficult to get hard in Ireland too
17:26 - Useful Dave: Quickly. TO THE LIFEBOATS CHAPS
17:26 - Julian Callan: Yeah very
17:26 - Batsphinx: I think if we'd given away USB lights every issue we'd have been saved
17:26 - [PCZ]plughead: we come back in Fight Club form tomorrow night
17:26 - G_Man_007: i before the lock, lol
17:26 - Liquid: I always find copies in Woolworths
17:26 - [GSI]Leeroy: prezzer left in order to avoid eternal damnation
17:26 - ro-jo-co: is Charlie Brooker contributing anything to the last issue?
17:26 - [PCZ]plughead: I think so, WIll
17:26 - marzy: what's happening with the pcz one on one sessions?
17:26 - [PCZ]plughead: he might be, ro-jo-co
17:27 - Glix: @Jahogg, share the server details, I'm in for the anal xD
17:27 - Julian Callan: Comp please!
17:27 - ro-jo-co: :D
17:27 - Julian Callan: Any old tat
17:27 - Useful Dave: What happens if you lock Brooker and Culky in a Tank?
17:27 - Ed Zed: i will challenge any of you to a pc zone one on one session and by that i mean fight
17:27 - Ant: Did Wandy go into a beserk rage a savage people with a power supply when the news was broken to the team? I like to picture that he did.
17:27 - -[WS]- Halrick: btw, i was going to make you all invidivual cookies once decorated with the logos of your favourite game devs, but only dave replied so i forgot about it lol
17:27 - G_Man_007: I LOVE YOU WILL PORTER!!!!
17:27 - [GSI]Leeroy: oh man I'd pay money to see that dave lol
17:27 - MeLoveYouLongTime: I got two razor diamondback's out of subscribing to Zone! :D
17:27 - Ed Zed: wandy  is the nicest man
17:27 - Liquid: thats how Log was born isnt it dave?
17:27 - [PCZ]plughead: I think he just carried on doing his job
17:27 - [PCZ]plughead: yes
17:27 - Useful Dave: I got 2 demo disks full of Strategy/Shooter games
Prezzer entered chat.
17:27 - Mad_Al: that silly USB blew up a decent power supply, I never complained, you donpt complain to a legend like Zone.
17:27 - Batsphinx: I love you too G-Man. But our love must be a secret one, forever.
17:27 - marzy: Ed, if you mean a LAN frag  OK :)
17:27 - Prezzer: bloody macs
17:27 - Lord Asriel`: but yeah i will ov buy the last issue out of respect even though the bastrds future will take mostthe money
17:27 - Julian Callan: This makes me very sad
17:27 - Useful Dave: I subscribed before all the awesome subscriber deals
17:27 - drdark: Well, I've been reading you since issue 52 when I was in Egypt, and been subscribing for 5 years ever since I set foot in this country, so I love ye and consider you life long pals. *Group Hug* I will never forget Zone. And er... may end up stalking some of you. So consider yourselves warned. :-*
17:27 - [PCZ]plughead: 3 minutes to go!
17:27 - [PCZ]plughead: :(
17:27 - G_Man_007: I want to shout it from the rooftops Willdreh
17:28 - Julian Callan: Favourite Zone Moment :GO!
17:28 - shirtwearer: sad face is sad
17:28 - Darth_Careful: I got a disk with some patches on it ... maybe I should have resubscribed to get a better freebie...
^5NOTALAMA entered chat.
17:28 - seregrail7: should we sing a song? or have a bit of a pray or something?
Furohman disconnected.
17:28 - Liquid: Will your opinions of FPS games were always suitable to my tatses, except for "you know wha"t
17:28 - Useful Dave: Hill breaking bones
17:28 - Useful Dave: HL2 Preview
17:28 - MeLoveYouLongTime: will this chatroom self destruct after 2 minutes?
17:28 - Useful Dave: HL2 Review
17:28 - Lord Asriel`: lol drdark
17:28 - seregrail7: maybe God will save the mag
17:28 - Batsphinx: Doom 3?
17:28 - Useful Dave: Mr Curson
17:28 - Batsphinx: Oh no, BiA
17:28 - Prezzer: all of it Julian, all of it
17:28 - Useful Dave: *Cursor
17:28 - [GSI]Leeroy: sad face is sad boarding final boat departing for zone island
17:28 - apophis_dd: davd, will, ed and that; you guys arent like, quitting Steam are you? Quitting the group? We can surely all still be friends right? :(
17:28 - G_Man_007: yeah, BiA sucked
17:28 - marzy: Doom 3 \o/
17:28 - Julian Callan: Steve H&M review
17:28 - Woodsmaster: jackass
17:28 - shirtwearer: there is no GOD
17:28 - Useful Dave: Supertests
17:28 - Ed Zed: favourite zone moment: the Lich King issue when i wrote 11 pages
17:28 - Woodsmaster: the co-op thing
17:28 - Sakey: Goodbye old friend....
^5NOTALAMA left chat.
17:28 - Ed Zed: in one day
Furohman entered chat.
17:28 - Julian Callan: wow
17:28 - Disc10: I still say sacrifice is the answer!
17:28 - marzy: Steve Hill's face.
17:28 - |VoiD| eVade: Looks like the gaming gods have failed us once again
17:28 - G_Man_007: UNDYING FTW!!!!!!
17:28 - Lord Asriel`: i wouldnt count on it wowspammer
17:28 - Julian Callan: !!!
17:28 - Useful Dave: Sacrifice PCG?
17:28 - Julian Callan: Yes!
17:28 - -[WS]- Halrick: i refuse to believe that this is the end
17:28 - ro-jo-co: I love you all!
17:28 - [GSI]Leeroy: logs review of GTA IV
17:28 - Furohman: Woah lost connection
17:28 - Mad_Al: best review Lord of the Rings Conquest, but over harsh score  ;)
17:28 - Julian Callan: Steve Hill on the nips
17:28 - Fnerk: My favourite Zone moment: only being forced to make the tea once and having the sneaking suspicion Ant Holden didn't love me.
17:28 - BrawnyFanta: random comment
17:28 - Liquid: Undying, its on the tin
17:28 - Disc10: No, that would anger the power that be
17:29 - Darth_Careful: Log's review of Spore
17:29 - Julian Callan: ughgh spore
17:29 - Batsphinx: Holden loved few people
17:29 - -[WS]- Halrick: best review: cities XL - stopped me wasting my money
17:29 - Disc10: Has to be virgins. They told me so
17:29 - Ed Zed: @fnerk how did you make the tea? We didn't have a team aker
17:29 - Useful Dave: Should I gut the Zonecat?
17:29 - Ed Zed: *tea maker
17:29 - marzy: GG BB FAREWELL
17:29 - [PCZ]plughead: not heard anything from Holden, WIll
17:29 - shirtwearer: the far cry review... game came out of nowhere
17:29 - marzy: you will be missed
17:29 - Disc10: Man I'm gonna miss zone :(
17:29 - Furohman: I wasted my money on Cities XL before the review
17:29 - Jahogg |Iced|: aampiajdaoidjaoidjaoidasdijaidapijadiakjdpijaidjapidjapidjapdiajdpiasjdiasjciczxokcnzxoujchsdiuashciuahcauchasuchasuchasucoahcuashcuoachasuohcu  my head hurts now from smacking the keyboard in denial..............
17:29 - Liquid: hilariously overhyped games by PCZ number 5629 SPORE
17:29 - Batsphinx: Ed, I made the tea for two whole years
17:29 - [GSI]Leeroy: sad day :(
17:29 - Lord Asriel`: that game angred every lotr fan incuding me though
17:29 - Prezzer: my bad
17:29 - Furohman: It ws actually decent... Until they sodding sht it down. Also pointless subscriptions
17:29 - Darth_Careful: Wasted my money on spore after the review :(
17:29 - Ant: How about the photoshoot about some shooter article (pubwatch?) where the team dressed in fatigues, had fake guns and went to some playground field, and then someone allegedly called the police.
17:29 - [GSI]Leeroy: wb prezzer
17:29 - Batsphinx: I even burnt my hand in my duties
17:29 - ro-jo-co: i'm gonna cry
17:29 - marzy: it's been a good 12 years
17:29 - Julian Callan: oh god I feel so sad
17:30 - Useful Dave: You didn't break anything, unlike Hill.
17:30 - Lord Asriel`: though it was 16
17:30 - Darth_Careful: has it been 12 years? christ, I'm old
17:30 - -[WS]- Halrick: oi, writers! take a screeny of us all saying byesies and put it in the mag. go on, be nice
17:30 - marzy: ive been reading 12 :)
17:30 - Woodsmaster: DON'T LEAVE MEEEEEEEE :'(
17:30 - ro-jo-co: :'(
17:30 - Julian Callan: YES!
17:30 - Batsphinx: 17 years since PCZ began
17:30 - Fnerk: ed, there was a designated area back in the dennis days
17:30 - Julian Callan: Good idea Halrick
17:30 - Disc10: du eet
17:30 - Darth_Careful: 16? I'm even older
17:30 - G_Man_007: you will live in our hearts 'Zoney
17:30 - Lord Asriel`: ah yeah
17:30 - [GSI]Leeroy: lol
17:30 - Prezzer: everybody, on the count of three, get out your hankies and let rip
17:30 - Liquid: way ahead of you dark
17:30 - ro-jo-co: I LOVE YOU GUUYS
17:30 - Disc10: Bye bye zone, you will be missed!
17:30 - Julian Callan: Goodbye Zone! I love you !
17:30 - Darth_Careful: so vaet very sad
17:30 - Useful Dave: BYESIES PCZ D:!
17:30 - Disc10: *SNIFF*
17:30 - -[WS]- Halrick: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gods
17:30 - BrawnyFanta: :(
17:30 - seregrail7: BYE ZONE!
17:30 - Phil Ken Sebben: christ its like the end of Blackadder Goes Forth
17:30 - |HSF|Jake: goodbye PCZone
17:30 - Fnerk: Au revoir Zone, you demented bastard!
17:30 - Furohman: Goodbye :C
17:30 - Disc10: *sobs*
17:30 - [PCZ]plughead: It's 5.30 and there we go, it's the END of Zone Chat forever
17:30 - Ed Zed: bye bye zone
17:30 - Ed Zed: forever
17:30 - Useful Dave: NEED MOAR PCZ ;_;
17:30 - MeLoveYouLongTime: Goodbye PCZone, it's been a fun 12 years of reading you!
17:30 - Ed Zed: i love you
17:30 - Ghoster: T_T
17:30 - Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass: bye
17:30 - Liquid: cya zoney
Ed Zed left chat.
17:30 - ro-jo-co: Bai ZONERS
17:30 - foshjedi2004: Au Revoir
17:30 - Darth_Careful: Thanks for the giggle, gentlemen
17:30 - G_Man_007: So long 'Zone, see you in Hell!! It's where we all belong
17:30 - Fnerk: my love, bitches
17:30 - Julian Callan: PCZ for life
17:30 - Prezzer: bye y'all - you were all the real heart of Zone!
17:30 - Woodsmaster: Thanks for the memories, we'll miss you!! :'(
17:30 - shirtwearer applauds
17:30 - apophis_dd: bye bye pczone - we'll all miss you, but not the £6 price
marzy is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
17:31 - Jahogg |Iced|: I need a final verdict on these PC games - Commandos beyond the call of duty; Ultima IX; Rollercoaster Tycoon
17:31 - Julian Callan: <3
17:31 - Furohman: Nooooooo
17:31 - Ant: Thanks for all the fish
17:31 - seregrail7: Ed Zitron has left the building
17:31 - Julian Callan: lol at jahoff
17:31 - ro-jo-co: :O
17:31 - seregrail7: now everyone else go too
|HSF|Jake left chat.
17:31 - Batsphinx: I'll ready a jpeg of poppies if someone else plays some birdsong
17:31 - drdark: Fucking hell, I'm almost actually tearing up. Can't do this at work. Love you forever. Bye.
17:31 - Useful Dave: Going out D:
17:31 - Lord Asriel`: "a tear rolls down the faces of pete hogarty and log"
17:31 - Disc10: I'ma jump out a window no, kay?
17:31 - Mad_Al: I love Log, in a sex way
17:31 - Useful Dave: Have fun in Death Chaps!
Useful Dave disconnected.
17:31 - Julian Callan: I love all at Zone
17:31 - michaelkelleherthename: thanks for all the great reads
17:31 - [PCZ]plughead says thanks very much for coming. I'm heading off home to drink myself into a stupor
17:31 - Jahogg |Iced|: im not contributing just shouting in the wind julian
17:31 - Disc10: See you guys, and bye bye zone chat forever and ever
seregrail7 left chat.
17:31 - G_Man_007: see you on the far side
17:31 - Ly: byebye pcz, was nice knowing you...
Disc10 left chat.
17:31 - apophis_dd: they will surely pop by
17:31 - Sakey: bye all
Liquid left chat.
17:31 - Lord Asriel`: ok cya plughead and goodlck with the future (no pun itended LOL)
17:31 - -[WS]- Halrick: i aint jumping ship until the very last seconds
17:31 - shirtwearer: ciao  ....            for now
17:31 - ro-jo-co: D:
17:31 - MeLoveYouLongTime: wait, the final issue isn't done yet
17:31 - Julian Callan: I haven't felt this bad in years. When my wife ded, I was so sad I could barely finish my lunch
17:32 - Mad_Al: I <3 PCZONE
17:32 - Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass: apophis is a twat btw
17:32 - JoWoo: Bye bye PCZ.
17:32 - MeLoveYouLongTime: you can't leave till then!
JoWoo left chat.
17:32 - Prezzer: /pulls the power off lever
Empire Total War Kicks Yo Ass left chat.
17:32 - G_Man_007: I'm going to stay, watch it burn up in the atmosphere
17:32 - Darth_Careful: This is actually very sad
17:32 - Prezzer: /space station explodes
17:32 - Ly: and let us never forget how lucky we were
17:32 - misterbrilliant: bye bye pc zone
17:32 - [GSI]Leeroy: death of an era :(  stalk all former zone writers with a vengeance
17:32 - Furohman: Not the space station!
17:32 - [PCZ]plughead: GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!
17:32 - Sakey: /wave
17:32 - -[WS]- Halrick: adios dave
17:32 - G_Man_007: *salutes*
17:32 - Furohman: Byeee
17:32 - misterbrilliant: keep an eye out for a half-arsed resurrection
Sakey left chat.
17:32 - Darth_Careful: bye
17:32 - Julian Callan: /wave
17:32 - apophis_dd: who was that nobody calling me a twat?
17:32 - Lord Asriel`: BYE AND GD LUK
17:32 - foshjedi2004: That's not a space station... It's a moon
17:32 - Phil Ken Sebben: baii
17:32 - Pistol Star: cya...sniff
[PCZ]plughead left chat.
17:32 - misterbrilliant: several half-arsed resurrections i expect
17:32 - Julian Callan: That's no moon
17:32 - Glix: /chat, universe ceaeses to exist
17:32 - Julian Callan: Wait
17:32 - Batsphinx: This is Porter, last survivor of The PC Zone, signing of
17:32 - Julian Callan: it is
17:32 - Batsphinx: f
17:32 - misterbrilliant: before we finally give up
17:32 - Mad_Al: good bye dear friend dear mag, can a mag be a friend, well fuck off it is.
17:32 - ro-jo-co: oh god no!
17:32 - Julian Callan: bye
17:32 - Ly: cya will o/
17:32 - Julian Callan: :(
17:32 - Jahogg |Iced|: cya
17:32 - Lord Asriel`: /chat cries
17:33 - Jahogg |Iced|: thanks
17:33 - foshjedi2004: Don't go will!!
17:33 - Batsphinx: I'm not going really
17:33 - Julian Callan: someone save this chatlog for future generations
17:33 - Ant: Time to join the hall of ultimate fame on my wall, along with PC ATTACK and Amiga Format
17:33 - -[WS]- Halrick: bye porter, you strange yet wonderful little being
17:33 - foshjedi2004: Going to E3 next year?
Ghoster left chat.
17:33 - Julian Callan: stick it on the last DVD
17:33 - Darth_Careful: thanks very much, folks. good luck. bye!
|VoiD| eVade left chat.
17:33 - Jahogg |Iced|: *opens up a shiny copy of PC gamer* its the dawn of a crap era
17:33 - G_Man_007: *kisses Will*
17:33 - [GSI]Leeroy: my signed copy is framed and still at the IGN offices,
17:33 - Julian Callan: *group hug*
17:33 - shirtwearer: wonder if my old mags will be worth anything on ebay now ?
17:33 - [GSI]Leeroy: need to grab that back asap
17:33 - misterbrilliant: pc zone... i'm just leaving the chat... i might be some time
17:33 - Ly: *wipes away a tear*
17:33 - Jahogg |Iced|: :O
17:33 - Jahogg |Iced|: no chat on CSS tommorow
17:33 - Julian Callan: WHAT!
Darth_Careful left chat.
17:34 - Furohman: Too sad to say anything
17:34 - apophis_dd: WILL
17:34 - apophis_dd: the group can remain, cant it?
17:34 - michaelkelleherthename: all the best
17:34 - apophis_dd: the steam group?
17:34 - apophis_dd: SURELY?????
17:34 - shirtwearer: aye would be nice
17:34 - Mad_Al: by Steve, Will, Dave, paul, love you all, and Log of course and Ed, and Hilly
17:34 - -[WS]- Halrick: Steve, before you go, what the hell is your display pic? i've always wondered
17:34 - Batsphinx: Hey PC Zone, before we enter this climactic gun fight, why don't you tell us about your wife and children?
17:34 - Pistol Star: yeah second that
17:34 - Batsphinx: Course it can
17:34 - [GSI]Leeroy: lol
17:34 - Julian Callan: Go for it
17:34 - apophis_dd: great
17:34 - Batsphinx: It's not Future's or anything
17:34 - G_Man_007: Horsome
17:34 - misterbrilliant: it's pacman
17:34 - Fnerk: Oh man, PC Zone was just ONE ISSUE FROM RETIREMENT
17:34 - Batsphinx: The name is, but they won't notice it on Steam
Mark left chat.
17:35 - Julian Callan: PCzone will live on
17:35 - apophis_dd: dont go and do anything stupid like quitting the group though
17:35 - misterbrilliant: a pacman ghost, at least
17:35 - shirtwearer: hearts and minds man...
17:35 - -[WS]- Halrick: ooooooh i see
17:35 - Prezzer: we'll never really be gone as long as you remember us all in your heart... or colon
17:35 - Jahogg |Iced|: - Starship troopers roleplay, pretend PCZ never existed and join the mobile infantry XD
17:35 - G_Man_007: it's mine now Dave
17:35 - Batsphinx: And they won't care either
17:35 - Ly: you know i wouldn't mind seeing a revival of the irc channel too
17:35 - Fnerk: Issue 226 and it would have got a gold watch
17:35 - Julian Callan: :(
17:35 - ro-jo-co: I'll do my bit to support the group, keep it going 'n that
17:35 - Ly: that seemed to die out a couple of years back
17:35 - -[WS]- Halrick: didn't notice what with it being 3d 'n' eveything
17:35 - Jahogg |Iced|: one last time THANKS guys
17:35 - -[WS]- Halrick: everything*
17:35 - Julian Callan: If I can't find a copy of final issue in Ireland I will cry
17:35 - shirtwearer: whsmiths
17:35 - Julian Callan: In Ireland?
17:35 - -[WS]- Halrick: order it online

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